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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B.    Progress and Accomplishments    (Continued)

o     More than 25 percent of the program's funds were used to provide innova-
tive library services to persons who are disadvantaged, limited-English-
speaking, in   State   institutions,  physically  handicapped,   or  elderly.

o Nearly 75 percent of the program's funds were used to provide for areas
that had been without services or with inadequate services, to strength-
en metropolitan and major urban libraries as resources centers, and to
strengthen State administration of the program.

C.    Costs, Benefits and Effectiveness

Program Scope; The Department made 54 grant awards for FY 84. During the
past 27 years, over $1 billion of program funds were used to increase
access to public libraries and basic information services in underserved
areas; and to develop and improve services to special population groups.

Types of Benefits Provided; Services include radio reading for the blind,
classes in English-as-a-second-language, materials to assist the mentally
retarded (e.g., coping with public transportation, job hunting, and order-
ing in a restaurant), book collections at senior citizen centers, books-by-
mall program for rural residents, and literacy programs for functionally
illiterate adults.

Program Effectiveness;    Findings of a major study were reported last year.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation
New regulations were published on March 30, 1984.

E.t F.

No new information.


No further   studies   related  to  this   program   are   currently   in   progress.

Contacts for Further Information

Program operations:    Robert Klassen, (202) 254-9664
Program studies;    Garrett Coleman, (202) 245-8877

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